Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens in Singapore

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So you decided to try out using Fountain Pens and want to know how best to get started. There are so many choices so where would be a good place to start and at what price. There are many reviews and suggestions online but I will try to keep this as vendor neutral as possible even though I run Straits Pens. The first question you need to ask is why are you getting into using fountain pens, is it for everyday writing or learning calligraphy. This will affect the type of pen you need to purchase. We would deal with the calligraphy question first as it would be the least amount of choices.

Starting on Calligraphy

The second question would be what sort of Calligraphy you want to practice, broadly speaking are you interested in Western or Eastern scripts? For Western scripts, are you interested in Italics or something like Copperplate? Each style of Calligraphy requires a different type of pen or nib. For Eastern scripts

Mr. Sunny Koh Nib Worker Straits Pen