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This Wiki is use as a collection of articles and knowledge for the Singapore Fountain Pen Community. The Forums can be found at Forums User Registration is disabled, if you want to contribute, please contact Mr. Sunny Koh through the known channels for access. If you are interested in getting into fountain pens, please see Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens in Singapore or if you want to find out where to get certain items Where to get


Community Resources

Beginners Guide to Fountain Pens in Singapore

Where to get

List of Singapore Fountain Pen Shops, Dealers and Distributors

Specialty Shops

Aesthetic Bay

Elephant & Coral

Fook Hing Trading


Brand Specific Shops


Other Retail Shops





Straits Pen * Does direct Sales and Online

Pilot Pen Singapore

List of Singapore Fountain Pen Community Sites and Blogs

Singapore Fountain Pen Lovers Facebook Group

Yahoo! Groups Singapore Fountain pens Yahoo! Groups

Singapore Fountain Pen Tour

Singapore Fountain Pen FAQ

On Founatin Pens Maybelline Tan Blog

House of Pens Arthur Blog

Writing Without Rhythm

Alt. Haven Junee Lim Blog